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West Hill Road – St Leonards-on-Sea.

Complete Refurbishment of Former Bath House

Project Description

Statement from our Clients:

We fell in love with The Bath House from when we first saw it. We were your typical “DFL’s” (Down From London) who wanted a “project” and wanted to create a new life for ourselves down by the sea… three years later we can finally say we have that new life, but more than a project we have a “home” a place we are truly proud of and that still doesn’t fail to delight and surprise us everyday.

The Bath House was a shell when we bought it. Originally built as a Turkish Bath House in the 1860’s, it had been added to as a Victorian Swimming Pool, converted into a makeshift church in the 1940’s and had ended life in the 1990’s as a scientific glass factory. Standing derelict for over 10 years, the building was falling in, leaking and had been robbed of almost all its original glory.

Our main aim was to give it back its pride, its beauty and to create a home that was sympathetic to the building yet gave us the space we needed to live in as a family. We wanted to retain the original features and create rooms and spaces that looked like they could have always been there. We wanted to create as much light as possible during the day and as much ambient lighting as possible at night so that the rooms felt cosy and warm.

Regular on-site meetings were key to building and maintaining the working relationships of the team. As the clients we were able to sometime vocalise our wishes, but did not have the technical know-how to translate this into the correct terminology from which the team could work. The architects would sometimes have to take our ideas and trim them down to what was possible and suggest alternatives – this was true of the upper bedroom where the space and height did not allow for a separate bathroom as we originally planned for. However a walk in bathroom (behind the extended head board of the bed) meant we could incorporate an en-suite.

The project manager controlled site access every day with appropriate sign in documentation and also ensured everything was adequately signed in terms of warning information. Where necessary building control was contacted and advice asked when needed to ensure good working practise.

In order to raise the floor of the basement above the water table, we used a crating system to artificially raise the floor with built in air-flow). Whilst we lost head height in doing so the basement was tall enough to accommodate this and we created a cosy (but more importantly dry and usable) space.

In 2017, this project was nominated, and consequently became a regional finalist at the South East LABC Awards.

Project Details

  • Client Private Individual
  • Date May 23, 2017
  • Tags Residential
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