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Residential Projects

New build

Building your new home is a real personal journey where every detail matters. Once you have found your building plot, we are here to assist you with every step from meeting you on site and discussing your requirements to designing a home which is both practical and meets with your requirements. We can advise you and design a property which will sit sympathetically with its surroundings. We will prepare plans, submit all the necessary applications to the Local Authority and liaise with external consultants such as Structural Engineers and Energy Assessors. We can also assist you further if you require by obtaining competitive tenders, instructing the builder, undertaking regular site visits, certifying payments to your builder and providing you with an Architect’s Certificate if your mortgage company requires.

If you are a developer looking at building single or multiple properties, we will design a development which will sit comfortably within your site whilst endeavouring to meet all of the criteria set out by both you and your Local Authority


If you do not wish to move but need more space, then an extension is often the answer. Whether you require a porch over your front door or a much larger extension to form additional accommodation, then we can assist. We will prepare plans and can often reconfigure the layout of your existing property to make better use of the space you have. We can then submit all of the necessary applications to the local authority.


Some garages and parking areas require planning or building regulations. If you require additional space, we can give you the advice you require and submit any necessary applications on your behalf.

Loft/Garage Conversions

It is not always practical to extend your property, especially if the space surrounding your property is limited. Loft and Garage Conversions are a convenient way to improve and extend your living accommodation without increasing the foot print of the original building. Again, we meet with you to discuss your requirements before preparing plans and submitting the relevant applications to the council.

Outbuilding Conversions

Do you have an outbuilding which is surplus to requirements? Then it may be possible to convert it to accommodation for your family members or for Holiday Let purposes to provide additional income (subject to the necessary consents)

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